(founded in September 2005)

E-mail address:

Office Address:  
c/o Dr. Shintaro Nishio, 5-22-29
Kami-Imaizumi, Ebina-City, 
Kanagawa 243-0431, Japan.

Board Members:
Dr. Shintaro Nishio, President
Dr. Hiroshi Maruta, Vice President & Manager
Dr. Lan Kluwe, Vice President
Dr. Kanki Komiyama, Financial Manager

Our Major Goals:

1.	Supporting NF research (both basic and clinical) which would lead to the discovery and 
        development of NF therapeutics

2.	Promoting any other campaigns that would be helpful for improving the quality of life (QOL) of NF patients

3.	Supporting the communication efforts to appeal the current situation of NF patients to 
        the Japanese society/community

4.	Promoting the human rights movement to abolish from the Japanese society any discrimination and 
        bias against NF patients and their families.

5.	Promoting the bio-medical education of both NF clinicians and patients

6.	Encouraging the unity and friendly exchange among NF patients

7.	Maintaining a close contact and collaboration with overseas NF supporting orgnizations 
        such as Texas NF Foundation, NFInc and NF2crew.   

Currently 6 non-board members are also working voluntarily for this NPO. 
However, the majority of these people are either NF patients or their parents, 
and according to the Japanese NPO (non-profit organization) law, 
we will not disclose any of their names, simply because they are liable 
to the nasty discrimination by the rest of the Japanese society (non-NF physically healthy, 
but highly biased people).   

NF Journal (Japanese) : http://
NF Journal (English) : http://

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